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As incureable optimists we believe in the endless creativity of all humans and we want to inspire and get inspired.

We have a wide range of interest and do not want to deal with a single topic. So stay with us and we will see. If you are looking for a Hobby or a Passion which really makes sense, stay with us and soon you will find here what you are looking for. Let's make our world a bit better

Ideas are in the air - Solutions too !! In most cases, different solutions already exist for each problem. The thing is how to find them. If there is really no solution, you can look for similar problems and how they were solved. You can start an Open Source Project and get help from the worldwide community. There are always many solutions for each issue. Various alternative solutions are good, this expands natural diversity. Things are changing, Makers and Engineers are never satisfied and are flexible. Everyone has a slightly other view and can help !!

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