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The Open Source Everything Manifesto

As always some ideas are lying in the air and probably others had already the same.
In the meantime I realized that the Open-Source-Everything idea was already described in detail by Robert David Steele in this book, which I bought as paperback:

Book: The Open Source Everything Manifesto

The idea is to have Open Source everywhere, in politics, education and ENGINEERING - in our complete everydays life.
It was not an easy read for me, sometimes it's from my point of view a bit to politically and radical, against my positive and more open "live and let live" mindset - but it is a really complete theory of all aspects, a plan to change the world ..

Website: Robert David Steele

There are a lot of Videos on YouTube from Robert David Steele, too.

2018-Nov-17 20:05 – Xsources

WTFFF - Podcast

If I should recommend only one Podcast, the most interesting, the most to learn a lot of useful things, it is this - my absolute favorite.

Long before I got my 3d-Printer I've listen to this very inspiring podcast WTFFF - all about the what of Fused Filament Fabrication or 3D Printing. This is the podcast of the designer couple Tom and Tracy Hazzard. They are using 3D-Printer for the designs of their projects.

Besides the interesting topics out of 3D-Printing-world you learn a lot about MAKERS, DESIGN and ENINEERING BUSINESS.
I think this Podcast had a certain influence of my thinking, too - just try it out by yourself:

Show-Notes WTFFF Podcast

2018-Nov-03 11:00 – Xsources

Gaviotas - The Inventor's Village

If I have only one book to recommend for Makers, Inventors and Engineers - this is it - for me a must read for everyone ..

They had no money, only an idea. They founded a flourishing village called Gaviotas - in the middle of nowhere. Bestselling author Alan Weisman tells in A village to reinvent the world the incredible story of a lived utopia where people live in perfect harmony with nature: sustainable and happy.

Los Llanos - this is the name of the vast tropical plateau east of Bogota. Life is hardly possible in this inhospitable area, tormented by the drug war. And yet, under the guidance of courageous scientists, a practical utopia emerged here in the 1970s: a village that is completely self-sufficient, produces renewable energy, treats water, reforests the rainforest, cultivates grain and accepts no help from outside.

To this day, the name of the village stands for sustainable development worldwide: Gaviotas. Alan Weisman has written a book full of hope because it shows what we seem to forget in the face of climate change and the energy crisis: We know the solutions to many environmental problems. We just have to have the courage to put them into practice. "May this book find a million readers. (Charles Bowden) - Source Amazon.

This book captivates, fascinates and inspires - the story of the inventors community of Gaviotas around Paolo Lugari .
It all began as a self-supporter in the inhospitable savannah of troubled Colombia. Over time, millions of pines have been planted in this barren land. Between the pines the jungle came back with its flora and fauna.
Several water pumps, windmills and solar collectors were invented.  Cement and infertile soil were used to make bricks and water pipes. Since nothing grew on the leached soil at first, the vegetables were simply planted as hydroponics.  As simple, cheap and generally available materials as possible were used.

The community first grew with solar technology and mainly supplied the poor in Colombia. Then came the crisis, the village had to reinvent itself.

At some point it was decided to use the self-made pines as resin suppliers, valuable other materials could be extracted from the resins and sold profitably, but that did not last forever, at some point this market also collapsed - but the inhabitants of Gaviotas always find new possibilities.

The Community : Friends of Gaviotas

PDF - Gaviotas Conference

NYtimes - Gaviotas 2009

Adam Sulkowski - 50 years of green entrepreneurship with Paolo Lugari, founder of Las Gaviotas

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