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On Friday October 12th 2018 I had an idea flash which lead to my following google-keep note:

(note from 5:57am)

A lot of concentrated Work
Individual and Common parts
Best of .. best fit ..different solutions
Not against but with each other
Doable for every one
Minimal Material
No special tool
Robust Sustainable
Common Basic Concepts
Individual Realizations

Collection whats available
Collection of Tasks
Collection of Visions
Solution Catalogue

Tiny Houses
Self Sufficient
Water and food

Creative Commons
Never harmfull - for nobody

Frame conditions Rails
What's already There

This thoughts were the results of the weeks and month before, a lot to tell about, suddenly building a whole picture, for an interesting new project ..

Soon I realized, that I was not alone with this ideas .. more on this site soon ..

Yours Dieter

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