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TOP 10 Tasks for Makers and Engineers

In this part of the OSEEC.org site we'll write about general TASKS for Makers and Engineers.
This should be a small introduction, more details later.

1. Make a Difference

2. Simpler Solutions

3. Better Performance

4.Lower Cost

5.Better Quality

6.Better Design


8.Environmentally Friendly

9.Lifecycle Cost Smaller


TOP 10 Tasks for Makers and Engineers

As Maker you have normally enough tasks and it's never boring. The only thing is you have so many ideas and projects in your head,that you have to make a decision what to do next, which concept you should take, what makes the most sense, what makes fun and what's really meaningful.

I am tinkering all my life long and I am an engineer for over 32 years, in this time I thought more than once, what it is for what I am looking for and what in general would be a good solution.
This is a Mind-Map from my holiday in August-2015, which had parts from other notes from 2006, a concentrated form of what you read above: Mindmap Tasks for Makers and Engineers 2015

Especially for point one a talk from Steve Teig expressed many of my thoughts about Makers, Startups and Engineering: YouTube - Steve Teig: Revel in the Adventure of New Ideas

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