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Open Source everything - Gus Arriaga

An inspiring talk from TEDx Talks

Gus discusses what led him to the world of Open Sourcing and the infinite possibilities it has in store for the future. Through several storylines Gus shares his insight about Fab Labs around the world, online collaboration and the future of Open Source applications.

YouTube - Gus Arriaga - Open source everything

2018-Oct-18 22:30 – Videos

Open Source automated precision farming

An inspiring talk from TEDx Talks

Rory Aronson talks about an innovative idea that can change the entire farming industry. He is a mechanical engineer and social entrepreneur working to help solve big social and environmental challenges. Currently he is focused on FarmBot, humanity's open-source automated precision

YouTube - Rory Aronson - Precision Farming

2018-Oct-18 23:00 – Videos

Free Software, Free Society

An interesting talk from TEDx Talks - There's a small difference between Open Source and Free ..

It is the first TEDx talk of the founder of Free Software movement. Stallman, RMS for short, has changed the world with his vision of freedom for the digital age. He launched the GNU operating system, used with Linux as a component, and inspired the development of Creative Commons

YouTube - Richard Stallman - Free Software - Free Society

2018-Oct-22 21:00 – Videos